How To Use As A Ruler

How to use MailSize as a ruler?
Simple: just use the same procedure as for measuring an envelope and ignore the irrelevant dimension.
A quick summary is shown below, but for a fuller description, go to How To Use App.

  1. Open the app and choose which token (coin/card/disc) you will be using
  2. Put the token on or close to the object you want to measure
  3. Tap either of the two Thickness bars
  4. Take a photo of the object and token (re-take if necessary)
  5. Expand the image of the token until it almost fills the screen and then tap 'Right Arrow'
  6. Adjust the box so that its sides just touch the edge of the token. When you're happy, tap 'Right Arrow'
  7. Expand the image of the object until the dimension to be measured is almost the full length of the screen. (Make the other, irrelevant dimension a random, smaller length)
  8. Tapping 'Tick' will take you to the 'Pricing' screen where the length of your object will be shown (both as 'Length' and as the longer dimension of 'My Letter')