Upgrade to the MailSize Pro version

If you want to measure and price international postage from the UK or parcels and 3-D objects, you will need to upgrade to the Pro version.
A comparison of the MailSize versions and functions is shown below.

The Upgrade process
Simply follow the link and purchase the app at Google Play, or search Google Play for ‘MailSize UK Pro’.

Get it on Google Play

The Pro version is available on a subscription basis. The subscription period is one year from date of purchase, after which you will be automatically billed for another year, unless you cancel the subscription.

You can monitor the validity of your subscription by going to Google Play and viewing My Apps, MailSize UK. You can also cancel the subscription. Details of what payments can be refunded are displayed on the Google Play pages.

The latest free version will always contain the latest postal rates.

Purchasing the Pro version will ensure that if any changes to postal rates occur, you will be able to update to a newer version of the Pro app that will include the latest prices, during the life of your Pro subscription (a period of 12 months after the purchase date).

Mailsize Free Version Pro Version
UK coins YES YES
Use other currency zone coins YES YES
Size and price letters up to Large Letter size YES YES
Size and price parcels and other 3-D objects NO YES
Choose metric or imperial measurements YES YES
Use external storage NO YES
Save all image files (on external storage) NO YES
Disable popup help YES YES
UK postal region YES YES
International postal region YES YES
Turn off ads NO YES