How To Use The App

With a bit of practice, highly accurate measurements can be achieved.

Choose a token (coin, credit card etc.) to use with this app

The currently selected token is displayed on the Home page.

If you want to select a different token, tap the Token button (which shows the currently selected token). Then confirm by tapping the tick at the top of the screen. You can use any current UK, US and euro coins, a credit card or a CD/DVD. A DVD or credit card help give more accurate results for larger items and and if you need to use a coin, use the largest you have.

Setup token and item to be measured

Place the token on the item and take one photo if it's a 2D item or two photos if it's 3D.

2D items
The camera view will appear on the screen with gridlines to help you align the camera (to avoid holding the camera at an angle which would distort the image of the item). Tap ‘Take1’ then ‘Continue’ on the next screen (if you are happy with the image displayed) or ‘Retake' (if you are not).

Enlarge the image of the token (by un-pinching it) until it almost fills the screen without quite touching any of the sides. Then tap the right arrow at the top of the screen.

A grey ‘sizing’ rectangle with a white edge will appear, superimposed above the image of the token (it will turn blue when touched). By touching the centre of this rectangle to move it, and the rectangle’s sides to resize it, position the sides so that they just touch the edge of the token. (The ‘X’ and ‘Y’ pixel numbers should be roughly the same if you are using a coin).

While sizing the token, if you notice that it does not correspond with the one in the image, at this stage you still have the opportunity to change the token the app thinks you are using.

When you are happy that the sizing rectangle just fits round the enlarged image of the token, click on the right arrow to proceed.

Carry out a similar process for the 2D item:
Enlarge the image and then... the blue rectangle as precisely as possible around the edge of the 2D item. The dimensions of the 2D item will then be shown at the top of the screen. Confirm by tapping the tick at the top of the screen, which will take you to the ‘Results’ page.

3D items – Pro version
3D items such as parcels must be photographed twice in order to obtain all three dimensions and the first photo (but not the second) must include the token. The procedures are as outlined for 2D items above.

The two photos can be taken in either order: first the two shortest sides (with token) then two longest sides OR the two longest first (with token), followed by the two shortest.

PreferencesDepending on which version of the app you have installed, you will be able to alter a variety of functions.

VirtualRuler Free Version Pro Version
Measure 1D and 2D items YES YES
Measure 3D items NO YES
Use UK, Euro, US coins, credit cards, CD/DVD YES YES
Disable popup help YES YES
Choose metric or imperial measurements YES YES
Use external storage (eg SD card) NO YES
Save all image files (on external storage) NO YES
Turn off ads NO YES

Measurement accuracy will be improved by following these hints:

  • Make sure the token is on the same plane as the 2D item. Ideally, place the token on the item where the surface is plain.
  • Make sure the item to be measured is well-lit. Note that the flash is disabled because it is likely to obscure the item if used at close range.
  • Use the grid guides to line up the item so that the camera is directly above the centre of the item.
  • Photographing the 2D item lying flat makes it easier to line up the image for sizing.
  • Placing the item on a contrasting background makes it easier to see its sides more precisely.

Help dialogue for the particular page
Set your own personal preferences for using the app, defaults and units. Some preferences can only be set using the Pro version.
Size Token Image
Adjust Token Image
Adjust the image to make the token almost fill the screen.
Move to the next operation
Go back one operation
Size Token
Size Token
Size the rectangle to just fit round the token.
Size Letter Image
Adjust 2D Item Image
Adjust the image to make the item almost fill the screen.
Size Letter
Size 2D Item
Size the rectangle to just fit round the 2D item.
Size 3D Image
Adjust 3D Item Image
Adjust the image to make the second side of the 3D item almost fill the screen.
Size 3D
Size 3D Item
Size the rectangle to just fit round the image of the second side of the 3D item.
Press to continue to the Pricing section when you are happy with the sizing operation.

Android function buttons on the device

Back Button:
The Back button is like using the back button on a web browser – it takes you back to the previous page (Activity).

Home Button:
Pressing the Home button takes you out of the current app to show the phone’s background screen. If this is not the home screen, then pressing the button again takes you to the home screen.

Long pressing the Home button can bring up a display of apps that are currently running. On some models you are then given a choice of closing all or individual running apps, or bringing one of them into focus.

Menu Button:
The Action Bar displayed at the top of the screen displays icons for some of the menu options available for the app page (Activity) being viewed. How many are visible depends on the screen size etc, but pressing this button brings up a full menu for each app page (Activity) being viewed.

Note: these icons/functions may be different on your device.